Welcome to Public Water Supply District #10 of Cass County

530 S. Peculiar Dr.

P.O. Box 482

Peculiar, MO  64078

About Us

 Board of Directors

Meet: 4:00 pm

2nd Tuesday of Month 

 Public Water Supply District No.10 of Cass County, Missouri.

Incorporated in 1974.

 The District is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of 5 members.  Each member represents one of the 5 sub-districts with-in the District boundaries. 

Board of Directors

  • Board President - Robert Wyatt - Sub-District 2
  • Board Vice-President - Mike Gerant - Sub-District 4
  • Board Member - Doris Sherrick - Sub-District 5
  • Board Member - Ray Mackay - Sub-District 3
  • ​Board Member - Karen Senst - Sub-District 1

Office & Field Staff

  • District Manager/Operator - Kalman Turos
  • Operator - Alan Mackay
  • Secretary - Kim Jose

Other Information

Consumer Confidence Report

 Our 2017 Consumer Confidence Report may be viewed at:  http://www.dnr.mo.gov/ccr/mo1024110.pdf 

Backflow Prevention

Missouri Department of Natural Resources requires customers that have a Class-1 or Class-2 back-flow hazard on their property to have these devices inspected annually by a certified back-flow prevention assembly tester.

PWSD #10 requires that a copy of your annual back-flow inspection report be sent to our office by April 30th each year. 

Water Conservation Tips

More Tidbits

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